Friday, April 9, 2010

These are the bases with the textured urethane sprayed on. After the first seal coat I scuff sanded with 320 grit and painted them black with 2k urethane sealer tinted black with 844 Degaussa UTC. As soon as the black flashed I sprayed a clear coat of sealer over the black so I don't get black dust when I sand. :P
After another 320 scuff sand I spray a full coat of flat 2k urethane topcoat and let it dry about 1/2 hour. The final step is to mix a small batch of semi-gloss 2k urethane and spray it out of my gravity feed SATA cup. The trick is to keep the atomizing air pressure as low as you can so you just get speckles. A little more or less air varies the size of the texture.

I got the doors for the bookcases today. The backs were relieved on the CNC to balance the laser carving on the front. I have to paint all of the carved out sections black. :P

I had the shop cut 2 templates for each size door out of mdf. I just spring clamped them to the back of the doors after lining them up.

Then a thin sealer tinted black sprayed into all the holes.
They actually came out really nice and it went much faster than I thought.

These are the four doors for one of the wide book cases. I always lay them out in order to stain them so there is no variation in color. I stain the face and edges first and then seal the faces only. Then I can flip them over, stain the back and make sure the edges are good with out worrying about getting stain on the front.

This is an upper cabinet for one of the wide bookcases.

I stain each interior opening first. I spray the water stain on wet and wipe dry with a rag. After blowing the corners dry I spray a shade coat of stain over the whole thing just to get everything evened out and make sure the color is right.

With water stain on interiors of cabinets it is VERY important to use an air nozzle and blow dry the corners. If I left this wet like this it would be darker where the water stain stays wet longer.

The carving on the front with stain and sealer.

The backs with stain.

All the bookcases stained and sealed. The blue tape is on because I pre-sealed the brackets so I could do a little faux graining on the raw mdf edges and I didn't want to build up the sealer more than on the casework. They just have base color on the edges now.

Bookcase doors all stained and sealed both sides.

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