Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday I started off by staining the bottom of the counter tops and sealing them well so they don't warp later. Nothing under here will show except a little of the solid edge.
They have been busy cutting the design into the door panels with the laser. Here are some of them ready for sanding
 These are the doors for the credenza.
 Cabinet boxes for the credenza. These are all built out of pre-finished ply. 

Here is a close up of the laser cut door design.

This is two pictures of the same sample panel from different angles. I took this to show the chatoyancy of the dye stain which is hard to see in a photo. Notice the difference in the color of the solid wood. In the photo on the left it looks much lighter on the right it matches perfectly. This is the way wood looks when finished naturally and I think it should look that way stained as well.

I always lay out any panels in their proper order before staining. This assures I don't get variations in the color. This is the conference table it is done exactly the same way as the counter tops so I won't go over the same info.

Conference table panel after sealing.

After the sealer dried the panels are flipped over and stained. I will seal and finish the underside of all the panels.

The bases of the conference table will have these supports which will be painted black and textured with urethane. On the raw mdf edges I am applying a glue size with a chip brush and a rag. The glue is just white carpenters glue mixed 1:1 with water, after the glue dries I hand sand with 220 grit sandpaper and seal everything.

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