Sunday, April 25, 2010

Don't be a Sap

This is how to get rid of that pesky sap wood. Sometimes it can look nice but in this case it was asymmetrical.

This is a conference table we did awhile back that they wanted to use up some old veneer with sap wood. It was nicely figured veneer but no one wanted to see the sap wood. This client took a chance and got a nice discount. The first step was to mask off the solid wood and spray ngr stain on the sap wood with a cup gun. The fan is set as small as possible and the fluid is cut way back. Then you just color between the lines to even out the color. ( I used Mohawk ultra penetrating dye stain Cherry for this table)

After all of the sap wood is colored I applied my stain to the entire top. This helps to blend in the sap with the rest of the top. This top got a black painted inlay line as well.
This is the seal coat while it is still wet. The stain has been applied and the inlay line painted on. Notice the difference in color on the end solid. This isn't really a different color it is just how the dye stain changes color when viewed at different angles.

Here is a shot of the final finish. This is a 15 degree low sheen top coat of Milesi 2k urethane. The client was very happy, you could still see the wood figure but the sap didn't jump out at you.

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