Monday, November 2, 2015

I Talk to Strangers: Day Two Cowboy Brian

 Cowboy Brian is living his dream. He owns a 40 acre ranch in Nevada which has always been what he wanted to do even while living in New York. Talking to Cowboy Brian is always a lot of fun he has a great sense of humor and a ton of interesting stories.


  1. Just for my/the record : you moved to Nevada?
    Today's model does look like a real cowboy, such an impressive moustache.
    (intruiging shadow on the left)

  2. Love the moustache!
    Not sure about the shadowing around the edges - is it a vignette in post? Just a bit harsh on the edges for me.
    He's got the whole outfit doesn't he! He looks like he'd have a good laugh with you

  3. Wow, an awesome portrait of a very interesting looking guy. You do manage to find some awesome characters.

  4. Nice touch with that hat, it really brings out his character. He looks like a fun person to be around. Great job capturing that :)

  5. A real character and great that you can get the chance to talk to him and the others,

  6. Holey cow! Now that is a Mustache! Ha... Great shot and quite a character! Sorry that I can't comment as anything other than a 8 year old blog.. It's Maggie from Worth